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Install a Changing Places room at St Mary’s

Current Situation:

If a disabled supporter with a more severe disability attends St Mary’s, they may need a bed and/or hoist to be changed in the event of a continence problem or they may just need more room to manoeuvre, and at present there is nowhere for them within the stadium that has a bed or hoist, or is a large area.

Changing Places is a campaign that aims to get suitable facilities in all public places, including football stadia, and a SDSA member suggested to the SDSA and SFC that St Mary’s should have a “Changing Places” facility as without one it makes it hard for them to being their child to games.

The SDSA are confident that the club will install suitable facilities, but there is a lot for the club to investigate before carrying out the work, including which stand to install it in.  If in the Chapel stand, it means that supporters in the Itchen, Kingsland, or Northam won’t have access to it.  No doubt they are, or will be, doing a lot of research  as to where the best place is, and probable usage before any installation work is started.

The club have recently had a comprehensive access audit carried out by an external body, which we hope will help them with guidance to move forward with this campaign.  Results are due soon.


A Changing Places room was installed on the 1st floor of the Itchen stand during Autumn 2016. Thank you SFC.

Campaign closed

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