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Disabled supporters are having trouble with doors fitted with RADAR locks

Current Situation:

Starting during the closed season in 2015, the club fitted most disabled toilets throughout the stadium with RADAR locks after we campaigned to get them fitted after disabled supporters complained to the SDSA because supporters that didn’t need a disabled toilet were using them, preventing disabled supporters using them, and/or leaving them in a state that sometimes meant that wheelchair users were getting unpleasant things on their wheels and therefore their hands.  Of course, disabled supporters could also leave the toilet in an unpleasant state, but it was felt that fitting RADAR locks would help.

However, even though RADAR keys are designed to be used as a handle to pull the door open (as well as unlock the door), some supporters are having trouble pulling the door open.

We have asked for “D” handles be fitted so that supporters that cannot use the key to pull the door open, can pull on the handle.

The club have agreed to look into what can be done to help supporters, and have recently had a comprehensive access audit carried out by an external body.  Results are due soon.

As with most things the club do, they always want to look at all of the options before making changes, instead of carrying out quick fixes that in the long run may be found to not be the best solution.

If you are having trouble opening doors please ask the dedicated accessibility stewards that should be nearby.

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