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Need raised decks in Northam (Away supporters) and Itchen North stands re-opened

Current Situation:

A number of years ago, the raised decks in the Northam stand (where the away supporters sit) and the Itchen North stand were closed and redevelopment of the area behind the doors to access the decks was carried out to give more space for offices etc.

Supporters should be given choice as to where they sit, and in the away end there is only the choice of pitchside which may not be suitable for some supporters as they require seating that won’t have other supporters walking in front of them, or perhaps being jostled when other supporters serge forward when their team score a goal.

The SDSA have discussed this at length with the club, and although it isn’t a simple “remove a false wall covering the door to the raised deck”, we have been assured that it is definitely on the agenda to sort out by the current club hierarchy.  We understand that as the area behind the raised desk is no longer a public area, a lot of work needs to done to re-instate access from lifts etc that doesn’t pass through office areas.

The SDSA will continue to remind the club of their assurances, so that it remains firmly on their list of work to do.


Both raised decks re-opened in late 2016. Thank you SFC.

Campaign closed

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