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Install a Sensory room at St Mary’s for supporters with Autism

Current Situation:

If a disabled supporter has Autism, it is likely that they will not be able to attend games due to all the hustle and bustle and noise that happens while watching a game in a stadium.

The Shippey Campaign was started to provide Sensory Rooms at stadia etc. that are sound-proofed rooms or viewing areas, where disabled supporters with Autism can watch the live game, but without the noise.

We know that SFC are looking into providing a sensory room, whether permanently or a “pop-up” that can be setup as and when required, as the Shippey Campaign have reported on their website that they met with a SFC representative recently, and Southampton FC are looking into providing facilities.

The club have recently had a comprehensive access audit carried out by an external body, which we hope will help them with guidance to move forward with this campaign.  Results are due soon.


A quiet room was installed using a hospitality box during early Autumn 2017. Thank you SFC.

Campaign closed

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