Date Time   Against       Pos*
5th July 2018 12.30pm  (Local Time) A Schalke 04   Club Super Cup 3-3 (D)  
11th July 2018 12.30pm  (Local Time) A Jiangsu Suning   Club Super Cup 2-3 (W)  
21st July 2018 3.00pm A Derby County   Friendly 3-0 (L)  
28th July 2018 3.00pm  (Local Time) A Dijon FCO   Overseas Friendly 0-2 (W)  
1st August 2018 7.45pm H Celtas Vigo   Friendly 3-2 (W)  
4th August 2018 3.00pm H Borussia Mönchengladbach   Friendly 0-3 (L)  
12th August 2018 1.30pm H Burnley   Premier League 0-0 (D)  12
18th August 2018 3.00pm A Everton   Premier League 2-1 (L)  13
25th August 2018 3.00pm H Leicester City   Premier League 1-2 (L)  16
28th August 2018 7.45pm A Brighton & Hove Albion   Carabao Cup 0-1 (W)  
1st September 2018 3.00pm A Crystal Palace   Premier League 0-2 (W)  10
17th September 2018 8.00pm H Brighton & Hove Albion SS Premier League 2-2 (D)  13
22nd September 2018 3.00pm A Liverpool   Premier League 3-0 (L)  14
29th September 2018 3.00pm A Wolverhampton Wanderers   Premier League 2-0 (L)  15
2nd October 2018 7.45pm A Everton   Carabao Cup 1-1 (W)
3-4 (Pens)
7th October 2018 2.15pm H Chelsea   Premier League 0-3 (L)  16
20th October 2018 3.00pm A AFC Bournemouth   Premier League 0-0 (D)  16
27th October 2018 3.00pm H Newcastle United   Premier League 0-0 (D)  16
4th November 2018 3.00pm A Manchester City   Premier League 6-1 (L)  16
10th November 2018 3.00pm H Watford   Premier League 1-1 (D)  17
24th November 2018 3.00pm A Fulham   Premier League 3-2 (L)  17
27th November 2018 7.45pm A Leicester City   Carabao Cup 0-0 (L)
6-5 (Pens)
1st December 2018 5.30pm H Manchester United BT Premier League 2-2 (D)  18
5th December 2018 8.00pm A Tottenham Hotspur   Premier League 3-1 (L)  18
8th December 2018 3.00pm A Cardiff City   Premier League    
16th December 2018 1.30pm H Arsenal SS Premier League    
22nd December 2018 3.00pm A Huddersfield Town   Premier League    
27th December 2018 7.45pm H West Ham United SS Premier League    
30th December 2018 2.15pm H Manchester City SS Premier League    
2nd January 2019 7.45pm A Chelsea   Premier League    
5th January 2019 3.00pm A Derby County   FA Cup    
12th January 2019 3.00pm A Leicester City   Premier League    
19th January 2019 3.00pm H Everton   Premier League    
30th January 2019 7.45pm H Crystal Palace   Premier League    
2nd February 2019 3.00pm A Burnley   Premier League    
9th February 2019 3.00pm H Cardiff City   Premier League    
23rd February 2019 3.00pm A Arsenal   Premier League    
27th February 2019 7.45pm H Fulham   Premier League    
2nd March 2019 3.00pm A Manchester United   Premier League    
9th March 2019 3.00pm H Tottenham Hotspur   Premier League    
16th March 2019 3.00pm A Watford   Premier League    
30th March 2019 3.00pm A Brighton & Hove Albion   Premier League    
6th April 2019 3.00pm H Liverpool   Premier League    
13th April 2019 3.00pm H Wolverhampton Wanderers   Premier League    
20th April 2019 3.00pm A Newcastle United   Premier League    
27th April 2019 3.00pm H AFC Bournemouth   Premier League    
4th May 2019 3.00pm A West Ham United   Premier League    
12th May 2019 3.00pm H Huddersfield Town   Premier League    
* Position as at 23:59 on the day that Saints played
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