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In February 2018, we were contacted by Spencer Senior, who has not had the best of luck medically over the previous 12 months, to ask if we could help him, and especially his young son George, who has missed out on a lot while his dad has been recovering.

We arranged with Spencer the best game for him and his family to go to, and the Chelsea home game on 14th April was settled on.

The family used 1 of the season tickets that we offer on a match day for those disabled supporters normally unable to get to St Mary’s.

If you are disabled and unable to get to see Saints play, apply to use our season ticket.  

At 11.30am on the 14th, we met with George and his mum and dad, Claire and Spencer, at the Ted Bates statue and had a photo taken with the SDSA committee.

Around the time Spencer contacted as, Saints were taking bookings for personalised scarves, so we ordered 1 for George to make his day extra special.

The result wasn’t as planned, as Chelsea won 2-3, but that didn’t spoil the day for George who we understand from his dad is now “hooked”.

George’s school mates are no doubt fully aware of where he was on Saturday and the fun he had. We also understand that George’s scarf has pride of place on his headboard.

To see some pictures of George’s day, take a look at the gallery we have created.

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