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Q. Does the SDSA Season Ticket have an enabler ticket too?

A. Yes, all disabled tickets have a free enabler ticket included.

Q. How do I get the Season Ticket back to the SDSA?

A. We don’t have physical Season Tickets, but anyone using our seats will get a normal ticket from the ticket office.

Q. How do I get my tickets?

A. Once you have been picked to use our Season Ticket we will pass your name and address to the ticket office and they will post your tickets to you. If you would rather collect your tickets, just let the SDSA Committee member that contacts you know.

Q. Can I pick where I sit?

A. Sorry, no that is not possible.  Our Season Tickets are for specific seats, and when you are picked we will do our best to allocate you to the seat we consider best using the notes and disability you put on your form, and whether you need a wheelchair space, as a guide.

Q. Is there anything I need to do in return for using a SDSA Season Ticket?

A. No, it is completely free, but we would ask that you take a photo of yourself with your ticket and provide a short quote for us to put on our website and Facebook page.

Q. Who can I bring as an enabler?

A. There are no rules, but Southampton FC suggest that enablers should be able to fully look after you in the case of an emergency.

Q. You only had 2 Season Tickets so why did you buy 2 more?

A. The 3rd and 4th Season Tickets were donated to the SDSA by someone who believes in what we are doing. We are extremely grateful and want to thank them on behalf of the people who will be seated in those seats throughout next season.