Current Campaigns

The SDSA committee meet monthly online. The SDSA also meet with the club every 2 months, to discuss any issues that have been notified to us since the last meeting, and also to get updates from the club.

We want every disabled supporter to have the same match day experience as a supporter that has no disabilities, and we refer to this with the club as being “Best in Class”.

Below are some of the issues and campaigns that we are currently liasing with the club to either rectify or introduce.

  • Installation of a Changing Places disabled toilet and changing facility – Achieved
  • Installation of a Sensory Room for supporters with Autism – Achieved
  • Support facility on stairways e.g. a handrail.
  • Megastore prices displayed above items rather than individually as people in wheelchairs may not be able to reach the items on sale to see price.
  • Storage facility for wheelchairs, walkers, frames etc.
  • Shield/barrier behind pitch side disabled seating to prevent people surging or climbing over wheelchair users.

The SDSA have been working with the club since our inception in 2010. We have discovered during this time that mutually respectful discussions achieve far more than if we demand changes of the football club.

Discussions on the various issues mentioned above, take place between the club and the SDSA mostly behind closed doors.

So although things appear to take time and nothing is being done, please rest assured that both the SDSA and SFC are working behind the scenes to make sure visiting St Mary’s is as inclusive as possible for all supporters of Saints.