The Jamie Isherwood Shield

The shield was donated on behalf of the SDSA in memory of Jamie Isherwood and with full support from his mum Cathy, Jamie was a great friend to the SDSA and a massive saints fan and we were all deeply saddened by his loss. 

Our former vice chair Mark Harpur had formed a great friendship with Jamie through their love of saints fc and we were all grateful to of known Jamie and be friends with him. 

Jamie sadly passed away at the age of 23. His mum Cathy stated at the time: “He was a massive Saints fan. He went to every home game and every away game. He was lovely, he would help anyone. Everyone says it, but he genuinely would. 

He was very close to his family and his two older brothers. He was brilliant with his oldest brother who has cerebral palsy. 

He was just really kind and funny, a loving guy. His condition didn’t really affect him apart from having to go for blood tests.But he had been unwell for around two months and he was advised to have a scan of his head and neck, which showed abnormalities on his brain. Jamie was then admitted to Southampton General Hospital in the stroke unit where he rapidly deteriorated. He had another scan and we realised then that he had blood clots on his heart valves – his heart was very, very weak,” said Cathy. 

The first recipient of the Jamie Isherwood memorial shield was Hamble Club Youth FC pan disability player Alex knight, he was awarded the shield which is in memory of jamie as the sections most improved player for 2021. The shield will be awarded each season to the most improved player in the pan disability section at Hamble. 

I know Jamie’s mum Cathy was very grateful that the shield was donated in his memory and in the manner it is being awarded.