Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew Wilkinson

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Hello, I was asked to come on board and help with the website in 2019 and subsequently got invited onto the committee. I am able-bodied but look after my disabled daughter along with my wife and a 24/7 care team.

My family come from Burnley and as a kid I was always taken to Turf Moor by my Grandad to watch them and have watched some incredible players and feisty games. I have soft spot for them to this day and follow their progress and usually goto the away game at Turf Moor.

I have been a Southampton Fan since I started taking my kids to football, with their first game against Sunderland, which they enjoyed so much I had to rush and get tickets for the mid-week FA Cup game against Spurs which we won 4-0.

My kids loved it and I did all the parental things of staying behind for autographs etc. My eldest started loving going to see the mid week games for the youth players and got to know them pretty well such as Walcott, Blackstock, McGoldrick. David became a very apt friend when he helped us raise Sophie out of her coma in 2008 after her accident in 2007. She still has his shirt and watches him intently when she can even though he's with Sheffield Utd. I suppose its still red & white in her eyes!

My main aim with the SDSA is to bring the site and social media channels aligned, and ensure its helpful to every disability. I am working hard behind the scenes to get the site to a point to achieve this using some of the latest technologies.



The SDSA may consider sponsorship or donation applications  to promote, 
awareness of the Association and/or support a disabled cause in the local community
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