Please read these terms & conditions to ensure you understand your purchase and use of your photo.

  • By sending us your name and photograph, you are giving us your consent to use them in any associated social media coverage, on our website and in any other relevant publicity.
  • The image you send us must be one of yourself, your friends or family and by sending it to us, you are confirming that you have the consent from everyone in the photograph to send it to us and to be used in the ways described above.
  • All photos on the banner will be displayed in PORTRAIT which is made clear when uploading your photo. We will do our most to ensure everyone in the photo remains on the banner, however, we will not be responsible if people or parts of people are cropped out due to a landscape photo being supplied contrary to the instructions provided.
  • Due to the anticipated volume of photos and emails we may receive, we are unable to enter into detailed communication concerning this and will not be in a position to confirm receipt of photographs or donations. For this reason, please make sure you have read and understood the conditions of How to take part. 
  • If we receive queries that we cannot respond to individually, we will add further answers to the FAQ page up on the website.
  • We will only retain your names and images for the purposes of the banner campaign.
  • By joining in with the campaign, you consent to your email address being retained on our database for future fundraising campaigns. Please advise us if you would like to be removed at the conclusion of this campaign by emailing [email protected].
  • We will do our utmost to include everyone who has sent photos in and are doing this in good faith. We have never taken on a project of this size but have robust systems in place. The website and hosting are outside of our control and looked after by volunteers and they are doing their best to ensure everything is online. Therefore the SDSA cannot be held responsible if there is an IT failure.
  • If we are swamped with photos and cannot accommodate them on the banner, we will update the SDSA website and communicate this over our social media channels Facebook & Twitter. We still want to encourage you to send us in your photos to be hosted on our website but these and associated names will only take their place on the website if a donation is made. For this reason, it is the donors responsibility to check the website to ensure that we are still accepting photos for the banner.
  • You must be 18 years or over to send photos in for the banner campaign but we hope that parents and guardians will involve their families.
  • Any photograph containing threatening, abusive, insulting, inappropriate or racist language or images will not be included on either the banner or the web site and NO REFUND of donation will be given. SDSA decision on this will be final and no communication entered into.


The SDSA may consider sponsorship or donation applications  to promote, 
awareness of the Association and/or support a disabled cause in the local community
Lark Rise Media
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