Published: September 3, 2016

Automatic Doors for Megastore

Following a request from a SDSA member, the committee asked Southampton Football Club if it would be possible to replace the heavy doors at the Megastore with automatic doors.

We were absolutely delighted to hear that SFC had taken our request on board and a feasibility study would be carried out in order to ascertain whether, structurally, this work could be carried out.

We were, again, delighted to be informed during the summer football break, that this could be done and SFC had budgeted for the automatic doors, and that these would be fitted during a break in fixtures.

Disabled people, elderly people, mums with pushchairs and young children will all now be able to enter the Megastore with ease. The SDSA again thanks SFC for acting upon the recommendations that we, or our members, put forward.

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