Enabler Policy (Revised)

Over the few months, there has been confusion as to whether an Enabler is able to attend a home game when the disabled supporter they help cannot attend.  The confusion was not helped by the fact that some of the different parts of the club, were interpreting the policy in different ways.

We have discussed this with the club at great lengths, and the official policy (agreed by all departments at the club) was passed to us.

However, after further discussions between the club and the SDSA, it was felt that the policy needed to be revised to cover a couple of points that were not clear in the first policy, and therefore the revised policy is as follows:

“In the event of a disabled Season Ticket holder being unable to attend a home fixture, the Disabled supporter’s enabler is required to purchase a full paying adult ticket from the Ticket Office if they wish to attend the match in the disabled Season Ticket holder’s absence (the enabler may purchase their own seat or another available seat elsewhere in the stadium).  The enabler may still purchase a ticket (when the disabled Season Ticket holder is unable to attend the game) on days when there are no match-day sales.”

A second policy has also been agreed, to clarify a situation that was encountered at a recent match, and is as follows:

“In the event of a disabled supporter requiring an enabler to attend a home fixture, the disabled supporter should enter the stadium with their enabler.”

If you have an issue that you would like us to discuss with the club, please let us know by emailing the SDSA Secretary [email protected].

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