How it all started

The SDSA ‘We Miss You’ banner was an idea by one of our members, Jacqui Campbell.  Read her blog to find out how this embryonic idea came into fruition.  As a result, we took up the challenge with her to create the SDSA ‘We Miss You’ Banner.  We received loads of photo submissions from Saints fans far and wide; including USA, Canada, Republic of Ireland and Australia.  Thanks to a great graphic designer and local printers we were able to get the 6m x 2m vinyl banner made and handed over to Southampton Football Club on Christmas Eve 2020.  

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we couldn’t do the sort of handover that we had hoped; presenting it to Ralph and the players and having loads of photos taken with them and the banner.

SFC kindly had the banner erected above the entrance to the Markus Leibherr Pavilion where players and staff alike enter each day and had photos taken with Ralph and the first team squad in front of it (see below).

We Miss You Banner at Staplewood Training ground.
Photo with kind permission of Matt Watson and Southampton FC

We are really grateful to all that took part.  For submitting their photos, for their donations and for their kind words of thanks and encouragement.  It has been a challenging year for all and this banner was our way to enable all saints fans to say ‘thank you’ and ‘we miss you’ to the players and to also help the SDSA in its 10th year to enable us to keep doing what we do to support disabled fans in the community.   

We received over 100 photos and raised approximately £1,000 for the Association that will help us to continue our work in the future.

If you wish to know more about the Association or join us in what we do, please do get in touch with Paul Lucas our secretary by email at [email protected] or phone 02380 861101. 

For more information on our ‘We Miss You’ banner follow these links:

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Close ups pictures of the banner in place at SFC Training Ground, Staplewood, Marchwood

Individual photos of those that are included on the banner

‘Thank you’ board of those involved in bringing this to fruition including a list of all donors

Link to SFC article about the banner

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