Quiet Time in Megastore

Do you struggle with noise?

If so, as part of the Saints FC Red, White and You initiative, Saints are offering a ‘quiet hour’ in the Megastore at St Mary’s Stadium, daily Mondays to Saturdays (excluding matchdays), starting from Monday 19th February.

The Quiet Hour scheme is aimed at all visitors who could benefit from a reduced sensory experience because of the lights, noise and larger crowds that often come with shopping.

It’ll take place each Monday to Saturday (excluding matchdays) for an hour from 10am-11am. The lights will be lowered and there will be no background music. The retail team will also be receiving awareness training to support supporters attending the store during this time.

Rob Pearce, the SFC Diversity and Inclusion Manager said: “The quiet hour in the retail store is just one of our initiatives to make the fan experience with the club more accessible. By adjusting our store environment, we hope this will allow even more people to enjoy the store.”

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