SDSA Season Ticket for Manchester City

The SDSA Season ticket was used by Milo Stanley for the home game against Man City.

Ted Bates (behind), Elaine, Milo, and Khali Parsons (SFC).

10 year old Milo and his father Giles, were met by the SDSA vice-chair, Elaine, who gave them their tickets, and took them to their seats in the Itchen stand.

Milo has autism, and situations like going to watch football could have been a big problem in the past as everything is random and not a structured experience, but Milo’s father said that he coped really well, and days out like going to see Saints help him cope better and better.

Miles was asked what he liked best, and he said he “enjoyed the atmosphere and felt worried that they wouldn’t score a goal”, and when asked about getting the tickets from the SDSA, he shouted “Awesome!”.  You are most welcome Milo.

If you are disabled, and cannot normally get to see Saints play, take a look at our SDSA Season Ticket page.

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