Sensory Room at St Mary’s

Located in a executive box at St Mary’s, there is a space where supporters that would find the atmosphere inside a football stadium challenging can watch Saints play in a calming environment.

The Sensory Room is available to welcome families and carers of children and adults, many attending a live match at a football stadium for the first time. There are large glass doors that allow supporters to watch with the doors closed and in a quiet place, or open the doors and venture out to the main stadium seating.

If you want to see a bit more about the Sensory Room, Saints have produced a video of getting to it from main reception.

Supporters can return for further matches, and they can hopefully then be able to move towards attending matches in general admission areas and even buy a Season Ticket.

If you, a member of your family, or someone you support, would benefit from the Sensory Room, or you would like to talk about other services and facilities the club have for guests with sensory needs, contact the club on 023 8071 1980 or [email protected].

Alternatively, if you have not visited the Sensory Room before and would like to attend a Men’s or Women’s match at St. Mary’s, please complete the Sensory Room booking form here.

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