Just the ticket for the SDSA (again!)

The SDSA are delighted to announce that due to the take-up of our existing season ticket and more fundraising, we have purchased a second season ticket (including enabler) at St Mary’s Stadium for the second half of the season. This means that we can now offer, free of charge, 2 disabled supporters and their enablers a ticket to a home match.

Our season tickets are primarily for disabled supporters, whether wheelchair dependent, ambulant disabled, or visually impaired, who cannot afford to go to see Saints play at St Mary’s.

We cannot promise a repeat of the 8-0 that one of our applicants saw, but you never know!

We are therefore inviting applications from disabled people to be considered for a matchday experience provided by the SDSA. If you have previously applied then you will still be on our list and you do not need to reapply.

Please note that members of the SDSA will receive priority over non-members however, it is FREE to register for membership.

SDSA Season Ticket Application

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