SDSA Season Ticket for Everton

(Back) Ted Bates, (Front) Richard, Ross, Elaine, Khali Parsons (SFC), Daniel Whittington (SFC)

The SDSA Season ticket was used by Richard Ward for the home game against Everton.

Richard came with his son Ross.

At about 2.15pm, Richard and Ross met our Vice-Chair Elaine Brindley at the Ted Bates Statue, to receive their tickets and to make sure they knew where they were sitting.

This was the last match we would be offering 1 ticket for each game, as we have bought a second, half, season ticket so we will be offering 2 tickets for each game from the next home game which is against Chelsea.

If you are disabled, and cannot normally afford to get to see Saints play, take a look at our SDSA Season Ticket page. There is now double the chance to be offered the ticket.

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