New Overseas SDSA Follower

The SDSA have recently had a generous donation from a new follower from Australia.

Steve Finlow from Melbourne, Australia, donated via our PayPal account ([email protected]), and then told us a bit about himself and let us have a couple of pictures.

“I have followed Saints since 1976 and was an East Stand season ticket holder until I emigrated in 1986.

Following Saints in pre-internet times was pretty hard in Melbourne. There were just occasional highlights on TV and a weekly football paper published in Perth, which usually contained a single paragraph about us, unless we were playing a BIG club.

The internet, cable TV etc and the SAS (Saints Australian Supporters) group has made it almost like being there.

I always try and get to a game or 2 when I come back and last season saw Everton at home and then Swansea away – great days and memories.”

Road Trip from Adelaide to Melbourne
At Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, for FA Cup Final 2003

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