Saints make Visually Impaired supporters pay

The SDSA was not originally consulted on the decision by Southampton Football Club to bring Visually Impaired supporters pricing structure in line with the existing policy for all other disabled supporters.

On learning of the decision to implement a full concessionary charge for blind disabled season-ticket holders, the SDSA formally suggested an alternative that, it was hoped, would not be such a massive step change for existing Visually Impaired fans.

However, as a result of our representations to the club, the SDSA has been informed that the decision is apparently irrevocable and the club has decided that it will not alter its original stance on the issue as they “… prepare for the new challenges that Premier League football brings.”

The SDSA are, naturally, very disappointed at both the lack of initial consultation on the issue and with the apparent scant consideration given to its suggested compromise proposals. It is the SDSA’s fervent hope that in the future, the club will consult with the us much earlier regarding any proposed changes to pricing structures or facilities available for disabled fans from any impairment group.

The SDSA was formed to provide a focus for disabled Saints supporters from all impairment groups to ensure disabled fans have a voice in decisions affecting them as well as to provide the club with a useful and appropriate representative view from as many disabled Saints supporters as possible.

The SDSA will continue to represent disabled Southampton fans and, despite its disappointment, looks forward to continuing to work with Southampton Football Club on this and many other issues in the years to come.

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