Published: July 4, 2012

SDSA / ASDA / Saints Foundation Partnership

The SDSA has got together with the Saints Foundation and 4 ASDAs in Southamption to form a partnership to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Saints Foundation, and to raise the awareness of the SDSA.

The 4 ADSAs that are part of the partnership are City, Totton, Eastleigh, and West End.

To kickstart the partnership, the Saints Foundation toured the 4 ASDAs on Friday 6th July, and the SDSA was at the Totton ASDA.

The Saints Foundation and the SDSA will now be doing fun days at each of the ASDAs in August and September.

  • 16th August - Totton
  • 23rd August - Eastleigh
  • 30th August - West End
  • 6th September - City

There will be lots to do, and so why not come along! You might see Sammy Saint and a current 1st team player.

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The SDSA may consider sponsorship or donation applications  to promote, 
awareness of the Association and/or support a disabled cause in the local community
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