Saints Move To Digital Ticketing

Saints are introducing Digital Ticketing for the 2024/25 season so matchday tickets will be on your smartphone (using an app) before each game ready for you to scan at the turnstiles. Many other Premier League clubs are also moving to digital ticketing if they haven’t used digital tickets before.

Tickets for the next match will appear on your phone around 7 days before the game, and the scan QR code will show 12 hours before the kick-off. If there are less than 7 days between games, the ticket should appear a little later than 7 days before.

Away tickets will not be digital (at the moment) so will still be provided as paper tickets.

Having the digital tickets will now allow you to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member if you are unable to go to the game. The recipient of your ticket will need the app installed to use your ticket. Note, it is still your ticket so you will be responsible for the actions of the supporter you have transferred your ticket to.

If you have multiple tickets associated with your email address, all tickets will appear in your app, but you can transfer the extra tickets to your child (if they have a smartphone), carer, or family member. You can of course keep all of the tickets on your phone, but all supporters will need to enter the stadium together.

If you are disabled and/or unable to use the app on your phone, you can contact the ticket office to request a physical season ticket card. There may be a one-off charge of £10 for the physical ticket, but this will be discretionary on a case-by-case basis.

For full details, please look at the Tickets App Information page on the Saints website.

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