Saints Season Tickets 2024/25 – Update

When Saints announced the Season Ticket prices for the 2024/25 season, there were very large increases from the 2023/24 season especially for the centre line blocks 7 and 31.

We felt that was unfair on disabled supporters that sit in the raised wheelchair areas (accessible decks) in blocks 7 and 31 as if a disabled supporter prefers a higher viewpoint they can only sit in the fixed raised areas, whereas non-disabled supporters can choose where they wish.

We spoke to the club at length, and we are pleased that they have agreed with us and therefore those in the raised wheelchair decks in blocks 7 and 31 will be charged the same as those in the “centre” blocks (yellow on the stadium map below). This falls in line with the raised wheelchair area in block 31 being a lower price than the overall Kingsland Plus price in previous seasons.

If you sit in the raised areas affected, and have already renewed or bought a new season and paid in full, the club will be contacting you to arrange a refund of the difference between what you paid and the revised price (shown below).

St Mary’s Seating Plan

Renewals (up to 1st July)

New Season Tickets

You can buy your Season Ticket, either by calling the Ticket Office on 023 8178 0780 between 9.30am-5pm from Monday to Friday, or by logging onto your MySaints account

You can also visit the Ticket Office in person between these times but please be aware that St Mary’s is a cashless stadium, so you will not be able to pay for your Season Tickets using cash.

2 thoughts on “Saints Season Tickets 2024/25 – Update

  1. Val P says:

    Thanks for this, when we brought our season tickets in June, we did query why such an increase and was told it was premium seating. So set up DD.
    Unhappily. But nothing we could do. Was stressing how we would afford 77 a month. Once again thanks and for the information

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