SDSA meet Saints CEO

Phil Parsons

Southampton Football Club CEO Phil Parsons has been keen to understand how things can be improved for the disabled fans at St Mary’s stadium and so asked the SDSA for a walk around the stadium to understand from a disabled fan’s point of view what could be improved.

So, three members of the Saints Disabled Supporters’ Association met with Phil, Tim Greenwell, Kelly Lewis and Helen Goosey [DLO] to discuss ways in which Southampton Football Club can become the best of its kind. We met prior to an important game with West Bromwich Albion, the second leg.

The ‘walk around’ was purely and simply based on the assumption that somebody in a wheelchair or an ambulant disabled person on their own, could independently navigate the St. Mary’s Stadium from start to finish.

Phil with Paul

Seating, hatched areas and incursions by fans was discussed as well as toileting areas for guide dogs, disabled seating and an extra disabled toilet in the Gas Works, in fact a comprehensive 20-point list was discussed.

The meeting was a great success with Phil, Tim, Kelly and Helen taking on board the points the SDSA gave to them. A number of helpful additions / actions were pointed out and the club are keen to adopt as many as they can for next season and to consider the remainder as development takes place at the stadium.

We take huge comfort from the fact that we will have other meetings with Phil Parsons and Kelly Lewis and will continue dialogue to eventually make St. Marys the best Stadium to visit for disabled fans and able bodied fans alike.

Take a look at our Current Campaigns page for updates on this as this develops.

If you think there is an improvement to be made to facilities at the stadium or something just irks you, let us know by emailing [email protected]. Also let us know if there is something stopping you going to St Mary’s.

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