SDSA win Play-off Final at Wembley

After beating West Bromwich Albion in the play-off semi-final, we decided to use our 8 season tickets to give lucky disabled supporters a chance to go to the 2024 Championship play-off Final against Leeds United at Wembley Stadium.

We asked each of the lucky winners to document their day with photos and videos, and a selection have been made into a short video.

As well as some photos, we also received comments on how their experience was.

James went with his dad and said “The seats were brilliant as was the result today. We had a great time !!”

Dawn went with her daughter and her daughter said “We would like to say a massive thank you for everything you do. It is all much appreciated, and I can confirm that mum had an amazing day, and I, along with her 😊”

Mary went with her enabler who said “Mary had a great day, Really enjoyed it.”

Andrew went with his step dad who said “Thank you. It was a great day out. You made Andrew’s wish come true ..”

Kayden went with his dad who said “The atmosphere was fantastic and we were so happy we were lucky enough to go.”

Aston went with his dad who said “Aston absolutely loved it!! He took lots of videos..”

Ben went with his mum who said “It was absolutely amazing! Ben had the best time, thank you so much!”

Mary went with her daughter who said “We had such a fantastic time thank you so much!! We got lots of stadium pics but no good ones of ourself as it was such a great atmosphere.”

We are so glad that everyone that went on behalf of the SDSA enjoyed the day and saw Saints win promotion to the Premier League.

We offer 8 disabled supporters a chance to see Saints play at St Mary’s for each home game, and the only downside to the promotion is that there are 19 home games in the Premier League instead of 23 in the Championship, so we will be able to offer 32 less tickets.

If you are disabled and unable to get to see Saints play at St Mary’s, complete our match day ticket application and you may get picked for the 2024/25 season (you will remain on the list for following seasons until you ask to be removed).

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