Published: June 15, 2015

Totton Family Fun Day 2015

The SDSA were at the Totton Family Fun Day on Saturday 13th June between 1pm and 5pm, at Testwood Rec in Totton.

We had a small tent with a few of the committee offering people the chance to win a tour of St Mary’s for a family of 4, just by putting their name against a number (that hadn’t already been picked) and a contact number or email.

There was also a big bucket of sweets for the younger people.

Part of the Fun Day was a world record attempt at a “Speed Choir”, where the choir were first assembled less than 2 hours before their first performance.  It was the first time this has been attempted, and is awaiting ratification from Guinness World Records.

Our Secretary, Paul, was part of the choir so the SDSA could have a World Record holder!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Martin Middleditch and Dave Bonney who were on hand to fool and entertain people coming to our tent with their magical skills.

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