Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations selection for Aaron

SDSA Ambassador Aaron Phipps MBE, has been selected for the 2022 Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations squad for September’s tournament in Cardiff.

The tournament takes place at the Sport Wales National Centre between 16-18 September 2022.

The GB squad (10 of the 12 are 2020 Paralympic Gold Medallists) will take on France, Canada, and Germany.

The GB squad is

  1. Kylie Grimes (0.5)
  2. Jonathan Coggan (0.5)
  3. Jack Smith (0.5)
  4. Ryan Cowling (1.0)
  5. Nick Cummins (1.5)
  6. Gavin Walker (2.0)
  7. Kieran Flynn (2.0)
  8. Jamie Stead (2.5)
  9. Ayaz Bhuta (2.5)
  10. Ollie Mangion (3.0)
  11. Aaron Phipps (3.5)
  12. Stuart Robinson (3.5)    

The same squad will then take part in October’s World Championships in Denmark.

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