Totton Carnival 2014

On Saturday 12th July, some of the SDSA Committee took part in the Totton Carnival.

We all arrived at about 10am in Calmore Industrial Estate to start the dressing of the SDSA float.  The theme for the carnival was “’Past & Present’ – Celebrate an era from the past 100 years of History”, so we picked Saints through the years, with special attention made to 1976 when Saints last won the FA Cup.

The more able covered the lorry with ribbons, past Saints shirts, bows (made by Yvette and Karen using ribbon kindly donated by Blundell Florists in Totton), and balloons kindly supplied by Signature Balloons in Totton and Mick Gallagher.  There was a cup kindly made by Becky. Large display boards were built by some of those not attaching balloons etc to the lorry, using wood donated by Totton Timbers plus a few screws and a hammer (sometimes called a “Birmingham Screwdriver”). Large posters showing pictures of the 1976 win were attached to the display boards.

Just after 2pm, the float was ready and the judges toured to pick their winners.  The SDSA was awarded 3rd place which was better than expected as there were many other good floats.

At 3pm, the procession began, and we started on the 2 mile “walk” with Saints and football related music playing from the back of the lorry.  The more able were on the float with nets and those in power chairs did their best to dodge the lorry (hoping their batteries would last).  Sammy Saint and Super Saint (kindly arranged by their agent, the Saints Foundation) walked stopping for pictures and meeting the crowds. Everyone had a bucket to collect donations for the main carnival fund (to be distributed soon), and those lining the route were very generous, and the buckets became quite heavy.

At about 5pm, we arrived at Eling Recreation Ground, and the lorry was undressed. Thanks to Martin, the magician, and Dave his assistant (who bears no resemblance to Debbie McGee!).

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