Totton Family Fun Day 2014

On Saturday 14th June some of the SDSA Committee were at the Totton Family Fun Day held at Testwood Rec in Toton.

We had a gazebo with details around the walls about what we do and what we are doing in the coming months, in and around Southampton.  The breeze did try to change the display, but extra pins and sticky pads eventually meant all was well.

We gave out balloons and sweets to the young children.  We would like to thank Signature Balloons in Totton for donating the balloons.

Sammy Saint joined us and enjoyed himself mingling with the crowds and posing for pictures with the young (and not so young).

The Fun Day was organised by the local churches, and was free for all, so we had a free draw for 4 x family stadium tours of St Mary’s.

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