ASDA Presentation

On Friday 16th November, Mrs J Waterman was presented with her first prize that she [...]


On Friday 2nd November, the partnership between Southampton ASDAs, the Saints Disabled Supporters’ Association (SDSA), [...]

Matchday Enablers

When buying a disabled ticket for a Saints game, you will get a second free [...]

ASDA Day on 16th August 2012

On Thursday 16th August, the partnership between  Southampton ASDAs, the Saints Disabled Supporters’ Association (SDSA), [...]

Open Day and AGM 2012 Report

On Thursday 26th July 2012, the SDSA had its 2nd annual Open Day and AGM in the [...]

SDSA / ASDA / Saints Foundation Partnership

The SDSA has got together with the Saints Foundation and 4 ASDAs in Southamption to [...]

Saints make Visually Impaired supporters pay

The SDSA was not originally consulted on the decision by Southampton Football Club to bring [...]

Disabled Parking 2012/13

The club are sending out letters to existing Disabled Stadium Car Park Pass Holders, detailing [...]

Saints Promoted To PREMIERSHIP!

The SDSA Committee and members would like to congratulate Southampton FC on getting promoted to [...]

Adrian’s New Buddy

Following on from the Enham Charity’s Be a Saint request to accompany disabled Saints fans [...]

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