As a DSA for a club in the Premier League, the SDSA is part of the Premier League Disability Advisory Group (PLDAG).

For most DSAs, the current Chair is the representative on PLDAG and for the SDSA our Chairman, Andy Mather, is the representative.

PLDAG meet every 6 months at a different Premier League stadium, but they are in regular contact between meetings, when issues arise.

PLDAG was formed in 2018 at the suggestion of the Premier League, and the minutes of the meetings can be seen here.

During the Summer of 2022, the Premier League asked the PLDAG to pause its work while it reviewed how it would interact with the PLDAG.

In November 2022, the Premier League DSAs (that wanted to be part of the group) got together online with Premier League representatives to start their work again.

Current PLDAG Members