SDSA Committee collect before Everton game

The SDSA Committee, and some welcome volunteers, braved the cold on Saturday 20th December 2014 before the game against Everton, to collect money to help us continue our work, and to enable us to renew our 2 season tickets next season that we offer to disabled supporters, on a match by match basis, that cannot normally afford to watch Saints play at St Mary’s.  If funds allow, and we continue to get applications to use our tickets, we may be able to purchase a 3rd season ticket next season.

At 12.15pm, we met in the South car park at St Mary’s to be allocated our buckets, our ID tags, our fetching SDSA Christmas hats, and our tins of sweets by our Fundraising Secretary Paul, and directed to our locations around St Mary’s (but not on SFC land of course!).

Things were a bit slow at first, but by 1.15pm, we were seeing more people pass us, and money was starting to be dropped in our buckets.

Andy (our Chairman), Harry (his able assistant and “Chocolate giver-outer”), and Elaine (our Vice-Chairman and season ticket meet and greeter)

Donators were very generous, and often people were emptying their pockets and giving all of the change they had which we are very grateful for.  As well as Saints supporters, there were many generous Everton supporters too (even their players were generous as they scored for Saints as they did last season!).

Every person that donated was offered a chocolate (and some youngsters that didn’t donate too).

We are planning to do more collections this season, so if you are able to help out, please email our Fundraising Secretary at [email protected].

If you are disabled, and cannot normally afford to get to see Saints play, take a look at our SDSA Season Ticket page.

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