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Gary Deards, Vice-Chair of Level Playing Field, joined our Committee meeting on 13th February 2013, to give us a brief insight into the work they do, and to give us a few pointers to help us with the work we do with Saints.

Level Playing Field was established in 1998 as the National Association of Disabled Supporters, but changed its name in 2011 to Level Playing Field as it was felt that it described the work and projects that were being undertaken better.

Level Playing Field are a registered charity in England and Wales, and act as a campaigning and advisory organisation to its membership across all sports.  They aim to share good practice, raise awareness, and promote better access to sports stadiums.  To see more of what they do, have a look at the Level Playing Field website.

While with us, Gary joined a few of the committee on a whistle-stop tour of the concourses and pitch-side, to get a few free pointers as to possible issues and ways that the club could make things better.  Fortunately, St Mary’s is a fairly new stadium, and meets most of the standards (although it should exceed the standards and the SDSA will work with the club to make things as good as possible).

The SDSA want to make St Mary’s the best in the country, and so any help we can get is most welcome.

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